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Louisiana’s 10 independent colleges and universities that are members of the Louisiana Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (LAICU) are proud to be a vital part of Louisiana’s higher education sector and an integral component of the economic engine of Louisiana that is higher education.

Students attending Louisiana’s nonprofit, private colleges and universities typically earn their degrees in four years.

LAICU colleges and universities offer a wide range of programs to more than 26,000 students of all ages and backgrounds.

The ten nonprofit private colleges and universities that are members of LAICU award degrees in high demand areas. These schools offer a personal experience with small class sizes taught by highly-qualified faculty whose focus and primary responsibility is teaching. These colleges and universities help students become critical thinkers, grounded by social, ethical and reasoning skills acquired at LAICU institutions.

Making college affordable and accessible is paramount to the missions of LAICU members. Thanks to grants and scholarships, most students pay less than the published tuition and most financial aid that undergraduates receive is based on financial need.

Graduates from LAICU institutions are accepted into the graduate or professional school of their choice at a rate that far exceeds the national average. Upon graduation, these students are well prepared for their careers and are prized by their employers because of their outstanding education, backed by the sterling reputation of their Louisiana independent college or university.


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The Louisiana Independent College Fund (LICF) provides student scholarship aid and enrichment programs. We welcome and appreciate your support!

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